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An Unexpected and Dangerous Winter Wonderland

Everyone in Texas is used to a little snow, however this year Texas saw record-breaking amounts. The winter storms brought single-digit temperatures as well as dangerous power outages.

Due to the extreme conditions, around 500,000 homes and businesses have been reported to be without power. This means that people have no way of cooking their food, bathing, and heating themselves. It has also been reported that water pipes have started to burst due to the freezing temperatures, leading to fatal carbon-monoxide-poisoning cases.

People who are without homes have started freezing to death on the streets and many places reported water and gas shortages.

Unfortunately, Texas officials are having a hard time grasping the situation and cannot give an estimated time when all the power will come back. The reason the power grid failed is that when the storm hit, it was overloaded with demands to provide power. With many people scrambling to heat their homes, the system was overwhelmed and failed. Not only this, the Texas power grid was not equipped to handle these temperatures or conditions.

Millions of people are still suffering as of the 28th of February, in Texas. Basic resources like water and gas are becoming harder to obtain and more than 70 deaths have been related to the extreme conditions that the storms brought. Many people blame this incident on Texas officials and some blame it on climate change. Either way, Texans were not equipped to handle a storm like this and are in desperate need of aid.


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