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A Taste of Los Angeles

The hustle and bustle of locals and tourists along the streets, sounds of endless car horns and bitter yelling from the traffic congestion, and the smog that fills the air and clouds the city of Los Angeles, is all put aside within the concrete walls of the Grand Central Market.

My first experience at the emporium was overwhelming at first. As you walk through the open walls of the robust building, people are streaming from every corner of the site. Restaurant vendors are established in rows and customers are expected to stand in lines surrounding their slots, which contributes to the crowd buildup.

Aside from the copious amount of people, which is not typically my scene, I found the abundant crowds contributing to the atmosphere. The diversity of ethnicities and cultures was astonishing for all to congregate within the 30,000 square feet of space. The Grand Central Market is celebrated for the assortment of foods available for purchase- the adventure began with Italian food.

A modern exterior design, glass building to view the processes of composing the delectable dishes, and the massive sign reading “Pasta” proposed the starting point of this food extravaganza. Pesto Penne was the first dish I consumed from The Knead. I am a self-proclaimed pasta enthusiast and that serving regarded compliments for its freshness and flavor taking me across the Atlantic ocean to Italy itself.

Next up, to cleanse the palette, was La Fruiteria. Its vibrant neon signs only suggested the quality we were about to consume. The “Bionico” was an array of fruits tossed in yogurt, coconut, granola, raisins, and honey to create the perfect harmony. I would 10/10 recommend, but my only suggestion would be to ensure that you like a fair majority of the fruit (a condition I later discovered during my own outing).

On our second lap around the venue, we picked up some bread which unfortunately, I did not try. Our final destination was the one and only, McConnell’s ice cream and this decision was the definition of “saving the best for last.” This establishment was clearly a crowd favorite based on the line that filed from the register. The unique ice cream flavors is what appeals to crowds since they offer typical options with just the right about of absurdity.

My choice of the day was Sea Salt Cream & Cookies which was Heaven in a bite. Despite its name, the first bite of salty cream definitely took me by surprise but balanced well with the sweet chocolate chip cookie bits. If I had to offer one tip for future consumers, it would be to order flavors that are sweet enough to combat the salty waffle cone.

The Grand Central Market was an adventure to remember, we only accomplished four of the many available options so I will definitely be taking another trip to carry on the food excursion.


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