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3/13 School Board Report

Eric Osborne

Eric Osborne, former principal of Sandburg Middle School and executive director of student and family support of GUSD, was formally appointed to be the next assistant superintendent of personnel services.

Mr. Osborne shared with the Tartan Shield: “Over the course of the past 20 years, and in every position I have held, from science teacher at Glendora High and Goddard Middle Schools to Assistant Principal at Goddard, Principal at Sandburg, and Executive Director of Student and Family Support Services, I have always strived to have an everyday positive impact on those around me. As a product of our school system and a longtime resident, I am deeply rooted in our community and care for the well-being of our students, staff, and our community. It is my hope that my service in this capacity will enable Glendora's students and staff to reach new heights in our quest for excellence.”

Board recognition: Mrs. Norell

Mrs. Norell was recognized by the school board on Monday for her official appointment as the principal of Glendora High School. Between choked up tears, Mrs. Norell thanked her family, including her husband who notably “learned the difference between Michelle Ashley, Ashley Fallon, and Michelle Reigstad.” The first female principal of the high school also thanked her children and previous administration who’ve inspired her throughout the past 17 years as an administrator on campus.

Public comment (MDLP)

CSEA Labor Relations representative Breanna Koehler commented on the recent raises of executive cabinet, and how it demonstrated a lack of respect and district consideration for classified employees (e.g. nutrition services).

Carrie Mangana is concerned with district employee’s requests for significant pay raises, contract extensions, and longevity benefits; she expresses that this sets a fiscally irresponsible precedent for district employees.

Glendora Teachers Association representative Douglas Granquist proposed a postponement on the increase to district cabinet’s salary, which is being proposed at a time when teachers are dealing with frozen stipends and are being asked to “do more with less”.

Gene Lopez vocalized GHS’s need for a suitable track and turf field for student athletes.

Rebecca Bishop protested the presence of LGBTQ literature in GUSD schools, expressing her view that they are promoting inappropriate and unnecessary themes in regards to profanity, sexuality, and “agendas.”

Members of board (CW)

Gary Clifford: Mr. Clifford shared his joys of visiting Stanton Elementary School and the respectful and excited students he met.

Monica Garcia: Mrs. Garcia shared how she participated with other district members in the annual Read Across America program. She also attended the Glendora Together event, a socratic seminar in Ms. Reigstad’s class, Sandburg Spartan Garden, and Glendora Orchestra festival.

Paul Lopez: Mr. Lopez shared how he attended the America Sings and Glendora Together event in the past two weeks and highlighted his motto of placing “humans first before programs”.

Robin Merkley: Mrs. Merkeley announced that this month’s Glendora Community Coordinating Council’s Youth Recognition award was given to two 8th grade students for their earned Girl Scouts’ silver award.

Elizabeth Reuter: Mrs. Reuter shared that she met with district emotional support service personnel on revisiting the Tier 1 and Tier 2 mental health plans for students.

Superintendent (MDLP)

Dr. DiGrazia announced the Vaping Education Night on March 16th, which was open to parents and students. He also reports that Glendora High School’s upcoming drama production Suite Surrender will take place on March 16th, 17th, and 18th. He speaks on the joint opening of negotiations for the 2023-2024 school year, which is now beginning and will include an upcoming meeting with California School Employees Association (CSEA). With March being Nutrition Services Month, DiGrazia commends nutrition services workers for their dedication and service. He congratulates Claire Liu for her recognition as National Merit finalist.


Glendora Teachers Association (GTA) President Doug Granquist presented negotiation proposals for the 2023-2024 school year. This process is also known as the “sunshining proposal”, which requires California teacher unions’ bargaining proposals to be presented for public comment at a publicized school board meeting.

School presentations (MDLP)

Stanton Elementary School principal Julie Galindo reported low ELA performance, low math performance, high English learner progress, and chronic absenteeism; they are addressing academic deficiencies with reading interventions and after school math help.

Goddard Middle School principal Alen Akhverdyan detailed a drop in enrollment, high ELA performance, high math performance, high chronic absenteeism (largely due to COVID), and medium suspension rates. Solutions to social-emotional concerns include minute meetings that every student has with their counselor and a no-cell phone policy.

Glendora High School principal Jamie Norell reports high ELA performance, medium math performance, a very high graduation rate, increased co-curricular involvement, and a thriving AP program. Mental health remains a primary concern.


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