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"Relatable" YouTubers Idolized by Impressionable Audiences

Many older generations in the past had celebrities they looked up to, while younger generations nowadays have YouTubers to look up to. Most young children are very impressionable and tend to idolize the ones they constantly watch. For children, it is not that they relate more to a YouTuber, it is that they want to be more like that YouTuber.

Every year there is a big YouTuber that capture children’s attention. In past years, Jake and Logan Paul have been known for vlogging and Ninja with gaming. This type of “relatability” is not very good for children, because when they see these YouTuber’s lives they think it is perfect so they have to act like them, or follow what they say.

When vloggers share their videos, they are just highlights of their lives. However, kids think that is how they actually live. There is bad in everyone’s lives and vloggers cut that out of their videos.

With gamers, they usually push their viewers, who are young, to buy games. They have sponsoring, which is an advertisement for other games, apps, etc. and due to these kids being highly impressionable, they will likely buy it or make their parents buy it.

High schoolers usually have YouTubers that we admire who are also relatable. We relate to them with their personalities and what they make their videos on. For those YouTubers, it is hard to stay relatable to their key audience.

When you are relatable you have to work for them as they are probably the majority of their viewers. YouTubers usually go in with good intentions, and once they start becoming relatable, they begin to change.

It is hard to make videos constantly. The Youtuber PewDiePie who has the most subscribers on Youtube and was a gaming channel for a long time and now is more of a commentary channel, has had issues.

PewDiePie had many occasions where he would take a break or even stop projects he was doing because the workload, stress, and the pressure was too much. It shows how much weight you carry on your back when you have so many viewers to please.

They also might start wanting to go into other types of videos but they can’t sometimes if their audience doesn’t like it. Creators should be allowed to make what they want and if you don’t like their videos, don’t give them hate, just move along and watch what you want.

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