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Imagine: Keanu Reeves x Reader

You wait impatiently in your front yard, pacing back and forth. Your mind operates frantically as you try to figure out what to say once you see that magnificent face of Keanu’s. It is your second date with him and your heart has completely fallen for him before the first date even ended.

You long awaited this moment, the excitement and fear mixed have been driving you mad for the past few days. Suddenly, you see Keanu's black Ford Mustang Mach 1 turns around the corner. Your heart skipped a beat when you saw Keanu's beautiful face. He stops the car, takes off his sunglasses, and looks at you affectionately.

You step into his car, and he whispers to you, “You are breathtaking!” You feel a warm sensation flow through your body; you are sitting in the same car with a man that is loved by so many others around the globe.

It is like a dream come true, except for the part that you get a kiss on the cheek because Keanu Reeves is too much of a gentleman to ever do that. This man right next to you is literally the definition of “breathtaking.”

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