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Galentine's Day: A Celebration of Platonic Love

Galentine’s Day. February 13. A sort of prequel to Valentine’s Day, but for girlfriends. Mostly, it’s an excuse for girls to treat themselves and their friends to a fun day before focusing on the romance of the next.

Senior Valerie Padilla expresses, “I think [Galentine’s Day] is actually pretty fun because sometimes people don’t have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with and Girls’ Time™ is always a perfect day.”

Her gal, Carly Tuzzolino admits, “I kind of forgot Galentine’s Day was a thing, but girls’ night is perfect.”

Sure, we might use it as comfort for not having actual plans on the 14th, but it is still a valuable holiday. I swear.

Because it’s not like us girls have any other days where we can have fun with just our girlfriends, right? Besides girls’ nights, girls’ lunches, and girls’ dinners, obviously…

Even girls in relationships still celebrate the friendship-centered holiday, as stated by Leslie Knope of Parks & Recreation in 2010, “Every February 13, my ladyfriends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies.”

Celebrating platonic love is just as important as celebrating romance because a strong support system is necessary in new relationships.

Plus, what’s better than watching a rom-com with others who have little to no experience in healthy, happy relationships?

All jokes aside, as teenagers we sometimes prioritize relationships, that, let’s say it like it is, probably will dissolve in the span of a few months. Friendships, on the other hand, if fortified enough to be close and tight-knit, can last a lifetime beyond high school.

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