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Seasonal Jobs Are Perfect For Holiday Cash

During the holidays, many department stores hire extra workers to help with the increased demand of customers. These seasonal jobs can be very convenient for students looking for work without the commitment of a full year round job. With every store comes different uniforms, pay, flexible hours, etc. Taking a dive into each, here is a little research on each job for those wanting to get some extra cash this holiday season.

One of the most popular stores for people's everyday needs is Target. They have flexible hours for students, different pay options starting at $12 an hour, experience in a work environment for future jobs.

“Being a seasonal team member, entails to help guests find what they are looking for, making sure everything is stocked, and providing a welcoming environment for the customers” Nadia, Target associate who started her career as a seasonal member.

Next is the members-only warehouse club, Costco. Just like Target, they offer flexible hours for students, good pay in comparison to the amount of work, and a very hands on job. At Costco, there is a lot of running around from helping customers to putting away carts, organizing clothes, but with the other employees, it a fun atmosphere to be working in.

Lastly, some other holiday jobs in Glendora are Sam’s Club, Best Buy, JCPenny, and Kohl’s. All of these department stores welcome new employees and provide them with quality experiences for the future.

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