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Senior Seeks the Future Through Tarot Card Reading

“What is holding me back?” This is the question that guided my entire tarot card reading. One that I was incredibly afraid of having.

I wouldn’t exactly call myself a skeptic of tarot readings, but I was doubtful of general predictions that could literally be applied to anyone. The classic, “You will experience great fortune and hardship,” is something I didn’t buy. However, the thought of picking a card that was labeled “death” freaked me out, especially if it was in regards to the future.

The first half of the reading focused on the past, which was freaky in regards to accuracy. It consisted of cards that were very positive and revealed how fortunate I have been up until this point. This streak of positivity took a sharp turn when the second half revealed my future.

The cards were negative, revealing how uncertain and lonely my future could potentially be. This made sense in regards to my question. The entire reason why I asked it was because I felt like I was going off the tracks. Something was blocking me from being the best version of myself, and I wanted to know why.

Two cards particularly stuck out. One was called “The Hanged Man”. It revealed how time keeps passing me by; I am stuck worrying about the amount of things I have on my plate. The second card, the “Five of Swords” hit very close. The card depicts a foreign soldier entering a city, which I personally tied to college. The aspect of moving to a completely new place is terrifying, and even more so is the possibility of things going wrong.

The card also represents deception, dishonesty, and conflict. Now, I am not going to lie; this is what I was terrified of from the very beginning. But in retrospect, I was relieved to know that I am moving towards something, even if it is a battle.

If I could sum up the overall experience of a tarot reading in one word, it would be “wild”. It is entirely a choice. In a horoscope you are given a prediction, in tarot, you choose what that prediction will be. From the first decision to sit down and have the reading, all the way to the cards that you pick, the only person who is determines what will happen is yourself. That is a reality I believe is truly magical.

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