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The Ultimate Halloween Theme Park Debate: Knotts Scary Farm vs. Six Flags Fright Fest

During Halloween Time, there are multiple attractions to visit to get the ultimate scare, s

ome being Knott's Scary Farm and Six Flags Fright Fest. Both amusement parks offer mazes and rides that are meant to get your heart racing and blood flowing, however they are very different from one another.

Out of the two parks, Knott's Scary Farm is definitely the scarier when it comes to mazes. They are well known for the quality of their mazes and frights they get. Every year they add new mazes to the park in place of some old ones. This is what attracts people to go every year, to experience the new mazes for themselves.

Although Knott's is the better of the two when it comes to mazes, Six Flags Fright Fest has the scarier rides. It depends on what the thrill-seeker is hoping to achieve. Whether it be scared out of your skin from jump scares or for your heart to drop into the pit of your stomach from roller coasters.

For price comparison, the two parks have very different policies. Knott's Scary Farm is all inclusive when a ticket is purchased, meaning after entry into the park all of the mazes are free. However, even a season pass holder would still have to pay the balance to get into the park for the night. At Six Flags Fright Fest, a season pass holder can get into the park with no additional charge, but each maze has a certain fee.

Another thing to compare between the two is the wait times and popularity of the park. Knott's Scary Farm is known to be very crowded during this time and the maze lines can vary from half an hour to almost three hours. Six Flags Fright Fest is a little less crowded and the ride lines are generally longer than the maze lines.

All in all, the two parks demonstrate their very own pros and cons but both are great options to choose from for a spooky season event.

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