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The Story of Ghost World in Pumpkin

The ginkgo’s leaf turned orange, the maple’s leaf turned red, and there was a little girl who wandered in her orchard. She knew: the fall is ending and the winter is coming. The little girl picked the oldest and largest pumpkin in her orchard. The pumpkin was huge, even twice the size of her little head, and she spent all of her power to pick and move it into her little garden. Yes, she was going to make a jack-o'-lantern. She did this every year, and she was proud of herself because she could make the perfect jack-o'-lantern. After she finished carving it, she thought of something new: she wanted to make it differently. Then, she cut her finger and her blood came out rapidly, dripping into the jack-o'-lantern.

“Aah!” the little girl screamed out and opened her mouth widely. She could not believe it, the jack-o'-lantern gradually grew, as large as two of her. The mouth of it opened like a door, the scarlet blood was like a curtain. Being extremely scared and fearful, she did not know what was going on; something that strangely led her to go inside the jack-o'-lantern was the only thing that she could feel.

When she stepped in, she was even more frightened than before because she had gotten into the new world, or to be even more accurate, the ghost world. The world was filled with ghosts and monsters, and horror surrounded her quickly. She stepped back, wanting to escape from the thrilling world, but it was too late. There was no door open. Surrounding her was only the uncountable ghosts and monsters, and even further from her, it seemed endless. The orange gradually changed to a red sky, just like the color of that bloody jack-o'-lantern. That moment, she felt the sky turn blue; the most perfect color in the world.

A ghost, who did not have his head, shook his broken neck and walked wobbly to the little girl. The little girl was so terrified that she could not even breathe. She felt her feet were soft and did not belong to her anymore, then she just sat on the ground spontaneously. However, she felt a little strange on her bottom. She found that it was all sticky, gloomy bloody liquid on the ground. She does not want to stand up, because the headless ghost can not see her under his neck.

Suddenly, she heard some voices around her and she turned her head. It was a ghost with three heads and six arms. On the other side, there were two ghosts walking toward her, who were black and white, each of them wearing a top hat, where it was written: “TO TAKE YOUR LIFE”. Their tongues were as long as even could surround the little girl’s head. The two ghosts just looked like a couple.

“Get out of here, the King of Hell is going to judge her!” said the black ghost to the three headed ghost with six arms and legs, but the ghost did not listen to him.

Suddenly, a loud voice appeared. The King of Hell, hammered, said, “Take him out, be quiet!” At the moment he finished the sentence, there came out ten little ghosts, who took him out of this area. An old witch, who had a wrinkled face appeared on the clutch, and wanted to force the little girl to drink a bowl of soup. She will forget everything in her life if she drinks it. The little girl did not want it and revolted. It seemed like there would be no ending...

As the day went by, no one knew how much time had passed. That is until the little girl’s mother came into her little garden. She found her child laying down near the tree, with some orange and red leaves fallen on her body, asleep. Surprisingly, not so far away, there was a jack-o'-lantern with red and scarlet blood stuck on it. Then she saw, ambiguously, a little shadow moving inside the jack-o'-lantern, and she even heard some little voice from the jack-o'-lantern. Coincidentally, at the same moment, the wind started coming. The sound of the wind was just like the extraordinary voice inside the jack-o'-lantern. The little girl’s mother shivered and smiled, and said, “The winter is coming...”

Kate Yu is a junior from Glendora High School. She is enjoying to read and write the story, and also likes to share this story with her schoolmates and her teachers.

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