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In October Volleyball Digs Pink for Breast Cancer

The month of October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Several Glendora High School sports honor the cause by hosting a game focused on spreading awareness. The volleyball program hosts an annual Dig Pink game in which all three levels of the program raise funds to donate to City of Hope.

For one week during the month, girls from the program can be seen selling caramel apple lollipops. The sweet and sour treats are sold for one dollar and all of the proceeds go to City of Hope. This is the first fundraiser of the event that the program hosts for the Dig Pink game.

Next up is the Dig Pink occasion. Each of the teams sport pink gear consisting of pink jerseys, socks, shoelaces, and ribbons. All guests who attend are also encouraged to wear pink in support. There, raffles are hosted and baked goods are sold to raise funds for the cause. A variety of foods were available: gourmet cupcakes, Chick-fil-A, and several homemade treats donated by volleyball players and families. The food options added to the appeal of the event and was executed perfectly. To go along with the food items sold, raffles took place between each game. A few prizes consisted of a Lululemon gift card, Bath and Body Works items, Universal Studios tickets, and many others.

Dig Pink is described by many as unified. Everyone present rallied under one cause and was in full support of raising money to donate. Breast Cancer Research is a prominent supported cause within the volleyball program. There are a few members of volleyball families that have been impacted by the disease. Therefore, the event possesses a new meaning for several players.

This year, Glendora took on Ayala High School for the Dig Pink match. The Lady Tartans meant business and sent Ayala home in three. The quick send off of the Ayala Bulldogs added to the positive atmosphere of the event. The team had already faced Ayala once before and won, but the second half of the league is known to always be much more arduous than the first.

“It’s always such a fun game because the whole gym is decorated, we get to wear different jerseys, and there is always really good food” says senior Francessca Luce, “and it always makes it better when we win.”

After their win against Ayala, the Varsity Volleyball team resides as 6-0 in league, undefeated and looking forward to a promising second half of season.

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