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Stu's Hall-o-ween Hall-o-Fame

Once a night every year people become something they want to be whether it's a scarecrow, zombie, or another mythical creature.

Some of Glendora High School staff joins in on the fun of dressing up for Halloween too. Stu Matsudo, the print shop aid, dresses up every single year. He first comes up with his own unique idea for a costume.

"I try to see whatever is current whether it's a movie or a cartoon-like how last year I was Lego Venom" Matsudo remarks.

He combined the Marvel Universe's Venom with a hilarious Lego twist that made many people smile.

Matsudo fine tunes the various parts of his costume into how he wants to present it. He has to determine how to make a light turn on and off without too much sweat or figure out how to fit through doorways with minimal damage to the costume.

"I try to keep it funny and light-hearted. I don't like to wear scary costumes," Matsudo states.

Since Halloween has landed on weekdays he tends to keep his costumes funny for the environment where he works. Seeing a man print out a stack of tests is delightful when he is dressed as Russell from UP rather than a scary horror costume.

He takes his ideas from any viral sensations such as Georgie from the movie and Stephen King novel IT or Russell from UP. Figuring out what is going to be the perfect, relevant costume is a bit tricky.

He has learned that it is best to look for ideas in late September since it's getting closer to Halloween yet still enough time to make the costume.

This year his costume could go along the lines of Uncle Fester from The Addams Family since the new cartoon movie came out late this year. The classic movie-turned cartoon has been popular lately.

As excited as he is to complete his costume, his delight is more enthralled with how the students will be dressed this year.

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