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Powderpuff 2019 Spells Victory for Class of 2020

The annual battle between the upperclassmen took place at Louie Pompei once again and the outcome was inevitable. It all began at 6 p.m. last Friday night when the captains from each team, for the juniors: Karley Tilton, Kennedy Pucci, Ashley Waite, Tiffany Gomez and for the seniors: Lauren Olsen, Morgan Callahan, Deanna Corona, Jorday Holmes, faced off in the center of the field, hand in hand. The game began with a promising start for the juniors but as the clock continued to count down, it seemed that the juniors’ odds of winning disappeared along with it.

The seniors started out strong, showing off some great plays initiated by the coaches, but the juniors could not stop them.

Mr. Tilton commented, “the organization of the seniors’ offense is what makes the difference in the game.”

It was clear across the board that the seniors’ offense was just unbeatable which was clear in their two touchdowns scored rivaling their opponents’ zero touchdowns. The seniors’ experience was clear in their abilities to move the ball, gain yards, and finally to score.

On the other hand, while the seniors were flourishing in their success throughout the game, the juniors were concerned about scoring.

A crucial player of the game for the juniors, Kennedy Pucci, said that, “[the game was] going well, but I think that we just need to score.”

That was truly what it was for the juniors; they held off the seniors for the majority of the game, but struggled offensively which resulted in making them unable to score one touchdown throughout the entire game.

Despite the juniors struggle, there were many that stayed optimistic. Junior, Lauren Barbosa who stood out defensively for the juniors mentioned during a timeout that she was hoping for the juniors to stay in the game and hopefully comeback to win it. Additionally, Maddie Herrmann exuberantly told us about her excitement to be in the game and how amazing the atmosphere was.

Although the class of 2020 outstandingly won 14-0, there was great effort put forth by the class of 2021.

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