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Best Buddies Action Extends Tartan Pride Throughout Student Body

During fourth period on Wednesday, March 13, the inaugural Best Buddies Action was held in the Glendora High School gymnasium.

The event, organized and ran by Tartan Leadership, was created to ensure equal participation amongst all GHS students in an event as infamous and anticipated as Action.

The atmosphere was strikingly similar to that of Action night: four teams divided into the traditional four class colors, friendly competition, standing ovations from a cheering crowd, and most importantly, smiling faces accompanied by looks of pure joy.

A “Just Dance” battle headed off the hour-long competition. Little hesitation was seen from any of the

four teams when it came time to show off their dance moves. The event continued with more challenges, ranging all the way from a balloon pop to scooter races.

When asked about the outcome of the first Best Buddies Action, Vice President of Tartan Leadership Morgan Barragan described the event’s success.

“I had high hopes and they were exceeded. It went smoothly and everyone was having a great time. The Tartan Leadership class really stepped up in making this event as fun as it was,” says Barragan with an accomplished smile. Accompanying Barragan was Maddie Herrmann, another key component toward the occasion’s achievement.

“I really hope this can become an annual event. Action happens every year and I think the Best Buddies

deserve to be included and have something to look forward to like this,” explains Herrmann when questioned about the event’s future.

Action itself is a widely admired GHS event that contenders are rightfully proud of. Now, because of the Best Buddies Action, every Tartan is finally able to experience the sense of pride and excitement the night entails.

Tartan Leadership’s successful attempt at extending Action night’s infamous allurement to everyone in the GHS family further exemplified the fun and inclusive message the event is built upon, as well as parade what it truly means to have “Tartan Pride.”

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