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Campus Aide Leads Double Life as DJ

We all know Pete to be one of the several campus aides that helps around the school. Anyone would expect Pete to show up to work, get the job done, and leave to go home at around three.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the case. Of course he shows up to work and gets his job done, but a couple days out of the week, Pete goes to Skate Express to D.J. for a couple of hours.

Skate Express is a roller rink in Chino that features mini bowling lanes, bumper cars, and arcade games, but most people go to Skate Express to, well, skate. As a D.J., Pete plays popular hit music that is usually geared towards family fun, but he does take requests.

He also helps coordinate the different games that anyone can participate in for prizes. For example, after a couple of songs, him and some of the other workers will hold a skating limbo contest. There are also dancing contests where volunteers have to dance on skates.

Whether you want to party or skate, it’s definitely worth giving Skate Express a shot. Most days, Pete is there, so you could go and listen to some good music and release some of your energy by skating.

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