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Quick Hit: Secret Santa is a Phat Miss

Parties, dinners, and get-togethers are here with the arrival of the holiday season. This means seeing friends outside of school more often and creating exciting memories together.

For the most part, the holidays are widely considered the most wonderful time of the year.

Unfortunately, with such fun gatherings come Secret Santa gift exchanges. This undoubtedly is the worst part of the end of the year, excluding finals and seeing annoying family members, of course.

Everyone finds out who everyone else is picking out a gift for by, at most, the next day. This defeats the purpose of the whole “secret” part of the exchange.

There is always a price range that just about no one follows, which means that some people get amazing gifts and others get something their mom picked out of the clearance aisle at Walmart.

Besides, after finding out who is picking out a gift for you, it is very easy to see

which side of the gift spectrum it is that you are on. The chances of being one of the few that receives an amazing gift is much too low for people to want to join a gift exchange.

This year, make a change for the benefit of your loved ones, and shut down suggestions to do Secret Santa.

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