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United States' Latest Mass Shooting Hits Close to Home

On Wednesday November 7th, sixty miles away from Glendora in Thousand Oaks California, a mass shooting took place at the Borderline Bar and Grill night club.

The assailant, 28 year old Ian David Long, shot and killed 13 people including himself. The bar was hosting one of their popular college country nights, which had approximately 150 people in attendance.

During the gunfire, many civilians were injured from attempting to escape the bar in any way possible; several even obtained cuts from shards of glass because they attempted to exit through broken windows.

Long was an ex-marine who lived in Thousand Oaks. His motives are still under investigation by local authorities. However, some believe that Long chose Borderline because he thought he may find his ex-girlfriend inside.

To honor the individuals that lost their lives that night, the LA Lakers wore shirts and hoodies with all the names of the victims printed on the back of the shirt and the word “Enough” on the front.

This tribute inspired the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks to wear a variation of the shirts in their Saturday night game at the Staples Center. Andrew-Whitworth, a offensive line tackler for the Los Angeles Rams, donated more than $530,000 to the families of the victims.

A huge amount of gratitude goes out to all of the individuals that are giving their time and voice to help the people affected by this tragedy.

In loving memory of:

Sean Adler

Cody Gifford-Coffman

Blake Dingman

Jacob Dunham

Sgt. Ron Helus

Alaina Housley

Daniel Manrique

Justin Meek

Marky Meza Jr.

Kristina Morisette

Telemachus Orfanos

Noel Sparks

Your memory will live on.

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