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GHS Implements New Lanyard ID's for 2018-2019 School Year

Violence in schools has become a persistent phenomenon in the last few years which has led Glendora High School to implement the use of identification lanyards for campus safety.

The topic of school shootings has become a sensitive subject on Glendora’s campus. Just this year, March 14, 2018, GHS participated in the walk for Parkland, Florida. At the start of this year, the idea of implementing lanyards displaying student identification cards was put into effect to make campus life safer.

The intention was that all adults and all students would wear lanyards as a form of identification (ID). Glendora Unified School District had started doing this before by making all substitute teachers wear a form of ID.

GHS has a immense amount of adults on campus daily with over two hundred staff members.

After speaking to Principal Paul Lopez, he said, “for safety reasons we want to be able to identify all adults on campus so we know who is supposed to be on campus and who is not.”

Also put into place this year, everyone, including parents, need to check in as a visitor to receive a red tag which helps staff identify everybody.

Students are to have their ID’s on them at all times in order to identify everybody on campus whether it is a student or adult. Although there is no punishment for not wearing them, it is highly encouraged.

Senior Andrew Mansour states, “I would rather wear a lanyard than a clear backpack.”

It was found that most GHS students are carrying their ID’s now.

Lopez stated, “the howdy dance last Friday [Aug. 31] was the best turnout ever of students who had their physical ID at a dance.

The future of the lanyards will not necessarily be more strict but more apart of our culture. As Lopez put it he, “want[s] students to understand that wearing the lanyard is a positive thing not a negative thing.”

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