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What is Overrated? What is Underrated? Students and Teachers Weigh In

In the world of popular culture, many different topics are given different degrees of acclaim. While some may view a certain movie a cinematic masterpiece, others may see it as a mediocre production.

Several writers for the Tartan Shield Staff sought to hear the inputs of other students and teachers on campus on the different kinds of art and media that flourish (or not) today.


Things that are underrated don’t receive the recognition they deserve. Overrated things receive more than enough attention and need to step aside.

Almost anything can be viewed as either underrated or overrated. Take sports for example- there are a variety of players, gear, positions, etc. Leilani Pasillas, a varsity soccer player, has been playing soccer for ten years and is very passionate about the sport.

Leilani expressed, “I feel like any high top cleats are overrated and low top cleats are underrated and should be given an equal chance.”

The difference between the cleats is the added fabric for the high tops. The high top cleats are seen to be more appealing, thus being overly favorited for appearance rather than quality.

Leilani also believes, “The men’s World Cup is overrated and the women’s is underappreciated. The women work just as hard as the men and are being paid less because of low interest.”

Things that are overrated tend to be more popular than those that are underrated because a majority of people find it appealing. Either way, it depends on the topic and the person being asked.

Jasmine Corona


Mrs. Perez, an English Teacher at Glendora High School, was asked numerous questions on whether or not various topics were overrated or underrated.

When asked about writers, she claimed that John Steinbeck was “underrated because he’s a beautiful writer who captures humanity and relationships so well.” Moreso, she stated Shakespeare is accurately rated, “because he deservingly earned his credit.”

Additionally, when asked about technology, she expressed that smart boards are “underrated because more can be done with them for student-led learning.” Furthermore, her take on iPhones is that they are “overrated because they hold too much power to communicate between people.”

When posed with the question of whether certain books were underrated or overrated, Perez declared the Great Gatsby was, “underrated because it's truly magical, and it has so much history and important messages about human flaws.” Likewise, she felt that reading old books was underrated as “there is a lot of power in history.”

Lastly, when asked about the new lanyards she voiced that they are “underrated because given the craziness of our word, they give a sense of security.”

Hailey Norwood


Every individual has their own opinion on everything especially about art and how we come to know it today. As art has consistently risen in popularity an iconic artist is none other than Bob Ross.

Skylar, a Glendora High School student, states, “Bob Ross is overrated. Bob Ross has been marketed too much to the point of exhaustion.”

Travis, a former student, differs in opinion stating, “His calm and soothing demeanor keeps me interested, he is underrated.”

Alongside Bob Ross, animation has become huge in artistry.

Student Skylar proclaims, “ Animation is really underrated with the amount of work that is put into it. People spend hours to years on an animation.”

Animation continues to be a hit in entertainment,

“Some of my favorite movie scenes are made into animations which is absolutely underrated.” said Travis.

No matter the differing opinion Art is beautiful, valued and underrated.

Kayla Ormond

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