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GHS Couple Flaunts Coordinated Fashion Sense

Walking through the halls of Glendora High School, a couple proudly displays their matching sense of style.

Stemming from an interest in fashion and wanting to “step up [their] clothing game,” seniors Destinee Torres and Tyler De Felice started to visit malls together in their first few months of dating and wove their fashion tastes together to eventually start creating matching outfits.

According to Torres, “the amount of times [they] had started matching outfits had gone from just a few days out of the week to everyday.”

The couple finds inspiration from either social media or from streetwear that they see on a daily basis.

Along with sharing a passion for design, both Torres and De Felice have a joint preference for brands that look expensive but are cheap in actuality.

De Felice disclosed that among their favorite brands are clothing lines such as Stussy, Supreme, Calvin Klein, Zara and ASOS. However, while he has a preference towards shopping in big brand stores and malls, Torres expressed a greater interest in searching for clothes in thrift shops.

Both believe that spending a large amount of money in the name of fashion is unneeded and that, with a few key accessories and an aversion to mixing too many patterns, great style can be achieved.

De Felice and Torres are currently working on creating a YouTube channel in which De Felice plans to talk about men’s style, the best places to shop, and fashion tips while Torres takes on the behind-the-camera role.

The channel is to be titled "Peloguapo" and will be making its debut appearance this fall.

The pair both wish to continue on with their interest in fashion, eventually wanting to create their own pieces. The story of De Felice and Torres just goes to show how big of an influence fashion has on students of GHS and how at a young age, people are already beginning to make a name for themselves in the world of style.

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