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Ye vs the People

Ye, formally known as Kanye West, is known not only for his critically acclaimed music discography but now for his antics and social comments. With the release of his highly anticipated 11th studio album, “Donda”, ow, with the release of his album’s follow-up, “Donda 2”, Ye has had a return to Instagram, to say the least.

In the weeks leading up to Ye’s most recent social media “go-off” moment, Ye was simply using Instagram as a promotional tool of not only his album, but also to post about his first relationship post-marriage with actor Julia Fox. With divorces often come custody battles which Ye took to social media publicly feuding with his ex-wife over social media. What about? Social Media.

On February 4th, 2022, Kanye goes off about seeing his daughter, North West, on TikTok. His caption essentially attacks Kim and TikTok due to North being under the age of 13 and according to Tik Tok’s Terms of Service, North should not be able to operate her own TikTok account and that the account had been created against his will.

While this is only the first post and there were additional responses to Kim after her responses, this shows why Ye went off in the beginning. Simply put, he’s a father frustrated with the way his ex-wife is raising his daughter, and while for sure it does not come off the best, his intentions are pure and even justifiable.

Fast forward nine days after the public family feud, Ye had arguably one of the most prolific social media rants of all time on February 11, 2022. While the first posts ranged from Billie Ellish possibly sneaking dissing Travis Scott, and Ye’s subsequent defense of Travis to him simply talking about music, Ye succumbed to talking about his ex-wife's most current partner: Pete Davidson, whom Ye has now given an infamous name of “SKETE DAVIDSON”.

This rant is what everyone had been talking about over the past few weeks. See, Ye not only was dissing the SNL comedian in the captions of his posts, but he was making whole posts about Pete “Skete” Davidson. With the most viral posts being one that pinned Ye, his now ex-girlfriend Julia Fox, rappers Travis Scott, Drake, and Future, against Davidson, Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, Billie Ellish, and Kim Kardashian; all over the Captain America Civil War” movie poster. With another footer of, “UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED WE FALL.”

While as a Ye and music fan myself, this is all hilarious to an extent. At the end of the day Ye’s social media rants simply expose one thing that many of us are unwilling to admit-that the greatest musical artist of all time is still human and is experiencing many of the same relationships and internal issues that many of us face, but on a public stage.

Simply put, these latest rants by Kanye West aren’t him being abrasive just to stir up publicity for an album rollout, he’s suffering from intense emotional stress with little to no one to turn to.


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