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Why do boys get Buzzcuts?

Hairstyles can say a lot about people, most changing their hairstyles often while trying to find who they are.

Buzz-and-Crew cuts are low maintenance, which is perfect if you do not want to comb your hair after waking up.  They also provide cooling when spending the day doing tedious work or something!  Parents who do not have the time for a stylized haircut might choose this option for their kids.

For most boys, getting a buzz or crew cut is a rite of passage, whether they keep it or just a passing phase.  From the 80’s Action Hero to the Military Man aesthetic, many end up rocking it.

This popular haircut is associated with a tough guy look due to its usage in the military and the way previous generations had cut their hair. 

In other cases, it could be used as a way for boys to accept their hairlines, matching many face shapes and showing off different facial features.

Another reason, often ignored, is LICE!  For those with scalp issues and who suffer from lice, having a buzzcut can help you combat these issues.  With less hair to hide in, lice can be easily drawn out and removed.  The affected lice have not commented at this time.

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