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Where are They Now?- Jathniel Lazaro, GHS Class of 2007

High School Involvement- Jath invested most of his time towards journalism, being a Co-editor-in-chief and feature editor.  He originally started off doing the least amount of work, until he became the photo editor through the assistance of the upperclassmen.  Taking on the bigger role helped build up his confidence to take on more responsibility.  Being thrown into a situation out of his grasp gave him the experience to be where he is today.

Current Job- Currently, Jath lives in Skagway, Alaska, working as a Business Operations Manager for janitorial business, or in other words, the steadfast cleaning force of the town. He originally found his calling there being a missionary eleven years ago, which allowed him to develop his hobby of language learning.  He begrudgingly began to further develop his high school Spanish as a result of being sent to Mexico for missionary work, only to find it extremely rewarding to engage with the people.

Change in Lifestyle- As a kid who was practically raised in the Santa Anita Mall and who loved the bustling city life, Jath was originally driven crazy by the slowness of Skagway.  Ultimately, Skagway changed Jath to be more “go with the flow”  instead of having a rush mentality. “In the winter Skagway has 800 people in it and the town has no stop lights. No malls. No major highways.  So the lack of people felt weird at first.  But the few people that are here during the winter form a very warm tight-knit community.   Within a month I have gotten to know the people who work at the library and the coffee shop.  We stop and talk about the day.  There are a lot of small personal interactions throughout the day I normally wouldn't have.”

Advice for Current GHS Students- Jath believes that listening, truly listening to others is what will get anyone through any walk of life. 


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