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Unprecedented Resolutions for an Unprecedented New Year

2020 left the world in a perpetual state of waiting. The festivities around New Year’s brought a break in that gloom, letting motivation bubble to the surface and spurring everyone to make their resolutions.

Now over a month into 2021, it is doubtful many of these resolutions have been kept. That isn’t surprising, given the circumstances this past year has brought forth.

In 2018, it was estimated in a Statista survey less than 5% of people end up seeing all their resolutions through. On top of that, regular resolutions often fail with no restrictions and full access to the world’s services, namely gyms.

Being at home opens the door for creativity; the workouts, meals, and routines that can be put together are often more fun and inviting than anything offered outside the house. Being home, though, also presents its own challenges.

After not having to do everyday tasks for such a long time, it is interesting to see how many people are trying to get up and start working once again toward lofty goals. Most are still stuck at home, with all the same comforts and distractions that kept them from success last year.

The only difference is a new list of self-made chores.

“You only make New Year’s resolutions usually because it’s the new year, not because you actually have a problem. That’s not motivation,” states junior Elaine Kaddis.

New Year’s resolutions are an expectation. Whether that expectation is clear or not, it is present and powerful. Most of them are made, as Kaddis believes, for reasons other than personal and improvement.

This is not to say it is impossible for resolutions to be somewhat beneficial. Some people do end up exercising more, eating better. taking hold of their finances, and are overall successful with achieving their goals.

However, all these can be achieved at any point throughout the year, while having a better chance at fulfillment-- all without society pressuring the decision.

New Year’s resolutions are a huge, widespread target. They would be easier to accomplish with smaller, built-in goals. Yet many leave them as an empty threat, too intimidating to return to.

Resolutions are inanimate. They cannot change their nature. The only ones who can make something useful out of these pointless words in a list are the people writing them there.

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