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One Piece: Live Action vs. Anime

“One Piece” is a popular Shonen Jump anime that has taken high ranks in Japan and America and a live adaptation has finally been released in 2023. 

The storyline of this 1000+ episode anime is about a boy named Monkey D. Luffy sets sail finding the greatest treasure in his world. Gaining much population since 1999. 

The show has been making remarkable progress which isn’t seen with many live-action anime adaptations.  However, there are still many ‘flaws’ that One Piece fans might take to heart. Losing a lot of the original emotion. When Luffy got his powers it was such a light-hearted funny event in the anime however in the Netflix series it had a more dark connotation. 

Going into the first episodes a lot of the backstory on how the main group meant is lost which may account for less connection into the show.  The anime took its time letting people grasp the connections. That had made the anime more entertaining to people who enjoyed their comedy or friendship shows. 

The counterpart show had a lot of attention put into it. With accuracy in the character’s outfits, tone, and even the animation and illustrations in the show. The tiny details are also seen within the younger characters' outfits and stances!

With the main characters of “One Piece” the live action depicts them accurately along with their attitudes and choices.  While the anime has many filler and extra light-hearted episodes the live action keeps the storyline concise.  Having its benefits for people who can’t take the time to watch over 1000 episodes of a show. 

“One Piece” the anime and the live-action have brought up so much hype themselves and have lived well up to it pleasing the many fans that it holds.


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