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Obsession Trope

We all have that special someone who we’d do anything for. Who our whole heart and soul belongs to, even if they don’t know it. Sometimes one soulmate knows who their soulmate is before the other one does, and that’s okay.

So it is my job to do everything I can to help her realize that we are soulmates.

The first day I saw her was like being reborn, because how could life before her be the same as life after she walked into our first year biology class? She walked like an angel, looked just like one too, with every ounce of grace imaginable. The second she looked at me was when I knew she was meant to be mine.

From that day on I followed her to her classes, too transfixed to worry about being late to my own classes. She never noticed me, which is perfectly okay because one day she will notice me and have the same moment of realization that I did. Although her friend kept giving me some strange looks- but nevermind him, he doesn’t matter.

One day I just couldn’t help myself and sat outside her last class of the day; my desire to just observe her beauty was too great. Ditching class turned out to be the perfect decision, as I was able to follow her to her dorm room.

Having the knowledge of where her dorm was, I began leaving yellow tulips - I found out those were her favorite after using a fake account to look through her private Instagram account. She looked so pleased every time she found them on her doorstep, and I couldn’t help but take photos of her smiling with the flowers in hand. Every morning I would leave those tulips, however I felt like I could do more.

I began to leave letters confessing my love and telling her all about her wonderful mannerisms that I’d observed following her.

Her pleased smiles faded after these letters. She began to look quite concerned, even terrified. I thought I heard her mutter something about the police, but that’s silly; what would the police have to do with my letters?

To cheer her up I began including the photos I take of her throughout the day. She deserves to know how breathtaking she looks whenever I get the chance to capture her beauty. For some reason this seemed to have the opposite effect. She wore a frightened expression each day after that, slamming her door whenever she found another one of my letters.

I couldn’t bear to see her so upset, so I decided to reassure her that it was me who was leaving her the gifts on her porch. Surely once she knew it was me and felt the same connection I did, her troubles would ease and all would be well again.

This did not end as planned, as now I am behind bars with charges of “stalking” and “harassment”, which is silly. She just doesn’t understand yet. That nonsense restraining order I’ve received for when I’m released won’t matter. I have to prove to her that we’re soulmates, that she’ll feel the same love as I do. I have to, I have to.

I’m obsessed.


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