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"New" Sexuality Used as an Excuse for Transphobia?

Recently, there has been controversy over a new sexuality referred to as “Super Straight.”

A TikTok user by the name of Kyle Royce posted a video on the app declaring himself “super straight”, claiming that he has created a new sexuality that is basically heterosexuality, but it excludes the romantic or sexual involvement with people who identify as transgender.

Royce created this new sexuality because he was apparently tired of being called transphobic due to the fact that, in the video, he stated that he wanted to date a “real woman”. Under the guise of a new sexuality, he claimed that there was no way he could be transphobic because he identified as a sexuality that excludes involvement with trans people.

There are many things wrong with this “new” sexuality. In general, to just get this out of the way, it’s transphobic. The reason for this is due to how many people think that people who are trans aren’t actually real men or real women. That belief alone is transphobic. The super straight movement itself can be boiled down to a simple definition: cisgendered people attracted to the opposite cisgendered people. That definition seems to imply that trans people aren’t real men/women.

Another reason why this new movement is so controversial is because people who claim to identify with this new sexuality are equating it to the experience that real LGBTQ+ people have when they have to come out to people. Super straight people think they too can “come out of the closet”. The reason why this is so damaging and just wrong in general is because being straight was never outlawed.

Straight people are never told that “it’s just a phase” or “they’re sexual deviants” or are mentally or physically abused because they are straight. People are killed because of their lack of heteronormativity and to lump themselves into this community and claim to be oppressed just because they were being called what they are (transphobic) is horrendous, disrespectful, and inconsiderate.

This entire movement is just a joke, a tool used by people who can’t accept that not everyone is like them to spread hatred. No one is forcing anyone to be romantically or sexually involved with anyone else. There is no good reason why this “Super Straight” movement should exist. Fortunately, people who don’t identify as super straight aren’t taking this movement too seriously and making a massive joke out of it, which they should.


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