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Movie Rewatch Review: The Outsiders

The 1983 film The Outsiders is an all-time classic in the world of film. This movie is a whirlwind of feelings and has that old-time charm to it, as well, making it the perfect rewatchable movie.

1. Scene that Aged the Best:

The scene that aged the best throughout the years is the beautiful moment of Ponyboy and Johnny watching the sunrise up at the church hideaway. Ponyboy reciting poetry as they take in the glory of the sunrise is something every generation can relate to, something that will never go out of style.

2. Scene that Aged the Worst:

The scene in The Outsiders that aged the worst, however, is when Dallas is harassing Cherry at the movie. While that kind of teasing might have been considered funny or even cute in that time, society would not tolerate that kind of behavior nowadays. Dallas’ treatment towards Cherry is looked down upon in today’s society, with people having more respect for someone they think is pretty or looks good.

3. Best Quote:

The best quote throughout The Outsiders is Dallas’ demand for justice for Johnny in the hospital: “Let’s do it for Johnny, man. We’ll do it for Johnny.” These classic words from Dallas are a staple for this film, displaying the loyalty and compassion that this group of Greasers has for each other. It also happens to show Dallas’ fire and brotherly affection for the younger Greasers like Jonny that is beloved by all who watch this movie.

4. Casting What Ifs:

If I was asked to recast these characters or choose another actor to do a better job in playing the roles of the Outsiders, I wouldn't choose anyone other than the original boys of the movie. These original actors add to the charm of the movie and I can’t imagine watching this movie without them. No one in today’s industry could recreate the character and personality of the original cast.

5. Most Rewatchable Scene:

The most rewatchable scene throughout the movie is by far the rumble between the Greasers and the Socs. This scene is packed with action and suspense, and it always brings a feeling of victory watching the Greasers top the Socs in an old fashioned fist fight.

The Outsiders is a fantastic movie to watch, not only for the first time, the second time, but even the fourth time. It’s one of the classics that seem to be timeless, never getting old or worn out over the years.

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