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Movie Rewatch Review: The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl

The hit Disney movie, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl was rewatched just recently since my last emotional encounter with the film in 2010. The dramatic twists and turns that seemed all too familiar yet so unexpected truly fulfilled this cinematic experience.

Women empowerment, conflict between good and evil, supernatural dystopian society are just a few of the many thematic ideas covered in this masterpiece. All of these topics are wrapped up into one bundle of happiness that turns the clock backwards in time, taking me back to better days, my childhood.

1. Most Rewatchable Scene:

Though I can’t count the number of times that I have consumed this film in the past, in my most recent viewing, it was a fulfilling reminder of the iconic “Dream” song that Sharkboy breaks down for us. The scene is set in a river of milk and Sharkboy, Lavagirl, and Max are slowly travelling down on a cookie boat.

The characters discover that their world is controlled by Max’s dreams, therefore they work together to get him to sleep and “dream” them out of their rough situation. Sharkboy lays down a lullaby to put Max to sleep consisting of harsh insults, calling Max a “little bleep” along with some smooth moves to accompany his Grammy award-winning lyrics.

2. Scene that Aged the Best:

Sharkboy makes his appearance once more in the winning categories for the Disney film, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl for his undeniably sweet moves during the combat scene between the plug hounds and the trio. As I got older and became interested in another commonly known series dealing with vampires and werewolves, I recognized the same combat patterns that Sharkboy used in this scene.

Both scenes resembled almost identical movements consisting of punches, kicks, flips, spinny moves and dodges to avoid the danger, in which I instantly made the connection. Taylor Lautner slayed both roles as Sharkboy and Jacob, from the “Twilight” series and went back to his roots of Sharkboy to fully encompass the role of Jacob in his later years.

3. Scene that Aged the Worst:

The scene that absolutely aged the worst was Mr. Electric’s big reveal as portraying the villain and having the largest head that I have ever seen on any character in a movie. George Lopez played Mr. Electric/Max’s teacher whom Max designated to be the sidekick of the evil villain in his dream. The irony that this selection held across the entire movie was that Mr. Electricidad (Max’s teacher) first began with his name. The similarities in both characters’ names establish a connection between the two, if their identical physical appearance was not enough of a trigger.

Secondly, Max did not view Mr. Electricidad as an ally, rather he thought of him as siding with his arch nemesis, Linus, which is why both resulted as the villain in Max’s alter dream universe. The compelling idea that this scene in particular aged the worst, is that George Lopez did not take on a greater role than this one, Mr. Electricidad/Electric was most definitely the peak in his career and clearly is what he is most notably known for.

4. Best Quote:

“I’m the Daydreamer, able to dream with my eyes open.”

The biggest plot twist of the century, Max made the monumental discovery that he no longer had to be asleep to dream up a better solution to his squad’s problems. As the “Daydreamer,” he learned to think on his feet and use his imagination for his benefit. This moment in the movie truly turned the whole plot around and began to lighten the mood.

5. Casting What Ifs:

Due to my absolute adoration for the film, I have decided that if I were in charge of the casting of this film, this is how it would go: I would cast myself as the Ice Princess, of course, because she is vital to the succession of the plan to recapture the leadership of Planet Drool and return it to the hands of Max, who it rightfully belonged to. Additionally, she plays a small love interest with Max, who would be played by Harry Styles and what better combo is there than Harry Styles and I? There is no other person that I can think of that would better suit this role, the Daydreamer, than the legend, Harry Styles himself. Taylor Lautner’s performance as Sharkboy left me in awe, therefore he can remain as his standing role. Finally, Lavagirl would be casted as Molly Fry due to her emotional instability and casual melting away when her problems become too hard for her to handle.


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