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Lucy Manalo: Owner of the Glendora Trubowl

Lucy Manalo, a graphic design and art teacher at Glendora High School, is one of the newest owners of a TruBowl location in Glendora.

TruBowl is a superfood bar which sells healthy juices and bowls. With chains located all over California, it officially opened its Glendora location recently on January 28th.

Manalo came to know about the opportunity of owning TruBowl from her husband.

“He came home and told me about it and said I had to try it,” she explained. “It was really good because it’s healthy, which is exactly what I was looking for.”

Manalo was recovering from a health conflict at the time, so having something healthy to help her eat better and recover smoothly was important.

“[This happened] after I felt pretty much close to death in the hospital,” Manalo said. “I was like you only live once, why not?”

Manalo was also really excited to have the property be in Glendora; even though she doesn’t live here, she sees it as her second home. After going through the process of buying the property and getting settled, she and her husband had the “soft opening” on November 4th. Soft openings are where the business opens its doors to the public, but doesn’t open officially.

Manalo’s kids, Rachel and Bryce, also work at TruBowl occasionally.

“I think, at least for me, it’s the idea and concept of leaving something behind for my kids,” she explained.

The business itself isn’t the only thing she sees that could be worth something to her family. The work ethic that it could teach is also something that she sees to be valuable. Owning a business has shown her that if you want anything, you have to go out and get what you want.

For Manalo, the best part about working is the opportunity to do it with her family, as she says, “I really like that I feel like it’s brought us closer as a family. There are times we work together and we just laugh.”

Manalo looks to open up more locations in the future, but for now, she is excited and grateful for the opportunity to own TruBowl in Glendora.

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