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Live Action Mulan Remake Fights the Huns and the Haters

The live action remake of the 1998 film Mulan has been talked about all during 2020.  People have been very excited to see what Disney would do with their iconic princess movie, but there is skepticism over how much this new version of “Mulan”  lived up to their previous expectations. 

Their action-packed movie definitely gave the public the warrior spirit Mulan is known for.  The battle scene between the Imperial Army and the Rouran fighting force was very impactful, with Mulan’s cunning instincts and superior fighting techniques giving the scene a real sense of awe and amazement.  The interactions between Mulan and the witch fighting for the Rourans proved to be quite moving. 

Each of them had a different perspective on how to gain the respect they deserve as warriors.  Not to mention the display of Mulan’s strength and perseverance as she climbed the mountain during training, something none of the other men had been able to accomplish.  This film captured Mulan’s message to the world very clearly: that no matter who you are, everyone is a warrior.

While this new version of the classic “Mulan” was filled with the warrior’s essence, many people were disappointed when it came to the change in the cast.  A beloved part of the original Mulan movie was the sassy spirit of Mulan’s companion Mushu.  Mushu brought the lightness and heart to the film, mixing in some laughter among the very serious message Mulan was displaying throughout the movie.  In the 2020 version of the movie, Mushu did not make the appearance people were hoping he would.  Without his colorful energy, the film seemed quite serious and melancholic. 

And we can’t forget the love story of Mulan and Shang, the general of the regiment Mulan joined.  The role of Shang was a bit different in the newer Mulan: instead of the young general Mulan develops feelings for, Shang is portrayed as a fellow soldier in the regiment who Mulan forms a friendship with throughout the movie.

There were a few small hints at a future with more than just a friendship between the two of them, but other than that, the complicated, sweet, and comical love between Shang and Mulan was missing in the remake.

So while the 2020 film Mulan did have some of the classic characters and emotions missing from the story, the beautiful display of Mulan’s warrior spirit and fight as a woman different from the expectations of her civilization did not disappoint.


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