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Fall Sports Overview

Almost two months into the school year and even more for fall sports, as the school continues this fall season let’s see what is up with Glendora High School’s fall teams. 

Starting strong GHS’s Football team.  The team has a 4-2 record for their season and a strong line of captains: Kareem Esmili, Eric Najarro, Decker DeGraff, and Mathew Jordan.  From scoring touchdowns and field goals the football team this year has many highlights.  The next football game they play is October 20th and October 27th!!

In the water is Boys Water Polo.  Competing against some highly strong competitors they have held a 8-5 for their season.  Treading through water keeping themselves afloat and still being able to play is a tedious task, these boys have shown commitment.  They have had an incredible season through their tough opponents and are heading out, October 18th and the 25th they go to Bonita for their League meets!! 

Coming from our baseball fields, Field Hockey travels all over for their petite league.  The girls have learned as they play games in their new adopted sport and hope to share it out to the whole school.  Traveling far and wide for their meets and meeting others in their small community has given them some new skills to rock in their league.  Their next games are October 13th and October 18th at home, come cheer them on!! 

Cross county enters the race, consisting of a three mile race  and over 50 kids on the team.  The team as a whole has done very well this season.  Its varsity teams hold amazing spots in the league.  The boys hold third place in Div. 2 of the Southern Section.  October 21st their team races in one of the most difficult races XC runners can do at Mt. Sac!

With a club in hand the girls Golf team shows persistence and harmony with one another while competing this year, holding a 2-2 even scoring in their league.  This year the team has shown it the most. The seniors showing acceptance of everyone has helped support the team.  The team has gone against a multitude of hard matches but have prevailed through their team.  October 16th and the 17th their team heads out to League Prelims and Finals!!

GHS Pageantry holds a diverse group of students with equally diverse roles in their sport.  A two semester sport is commitment taking on marching band in the Fall and winter guard in the Spring.  October 20th their team along with the band will be performing and competing November 4th!

Volleyball hits the courts with a 9-0 win loss in league and a 19-6 in their season so far.  The girls have taken on the team spirit competing for the team rather than the individual which has led them far through their season even through tough opponents.  Their last league game was against Bonita on October 11th, celebrating their senior night!!

The tennis courts have been competitive this year with the girls competing Tuesdays and Thursdays while practicing Monday and Wednesdays.  The girls play in sets in a game showing off their teamwork.  October 17th they head off to Colony and end their season with Bonita High School on October 19th.


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