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Evolving Guidelines and their Exhaustion on Students

Throughout the pandemic, the feelings of students have been toyed with through the changing of guidelines.

Students lower their masks during class though teachers urge them to pull their masks up and disobey COVID guidelines even with the guidance of administrators, yet these actions from students can’t be blamed directly on anybody.

The exhaustion of the pandemic has reached many, and the mental image of COVID has collapsed in the mind of the student population. Disregarding guidelines is a product of this exhaustion.

Many students at Glendora High School haven’t even experienced a full year of what would be considered a “normal” school year. Students wish the world could go back to the way it was before. The reality is that the word is forever altered because of this pandemic, and that is what creates the carelessness from students as well.

Even though the pandemic and COVID guidelines are constantly changing, new COVID guidelines are effective and evolving to be more efficient for students at Glendora High School. The constant adjustments towards guidelines are not meant to further restrict students, rather, they are meant to help students learn in a safer and more comfortable environment.

COVID guidelines can be exhausting on the mental health of students, but the intentions of these guidelines are beneficial for all.


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