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Dancing Through a Bad Romance

Dark makeup and a dark soul, that was who Elena was; rather, that was who she thought she was when listening to the Queen, Lady Gaga.

In actuality, Elena was a fun-loving, energetic girl who loved to dance and sing to the music of the 2010s. Her favorite song was "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga, which she would play in any situation, from parties to cleaning her room.

One day, Elena was invited to a party hosted by her crush, Alex. She was excited to have a chance to finally get to know him better. As she got ready for the party, she blasted "Bad Romance" and danced around her room. She was determined to impress Alex, the strong, handsome, equivalent of an egotistical trash bag.

When Elena arrived at the party, she immediately spotted Alex across the room. She walked up to him, feeling the song's energy still pumping through her veins. However, as she started to talk to him, the worst thing happened - she accidentally spilled her drink all over his shirt. First-world problems always got to her.

She was mortified. She tried to apologize and help clean up the mess, but Alex seemed annoyed and quickly walked away. Elena was crushed. Crushed by her crush… maybe that's why they’re called crushes. Anyhow, she felt like she had ruined her chance with him.

But then, "Bad Romance" started playing again. Elena couldn't resist the urge to dance, even in the midst of her embarrassment. As she danced, she realized that she didn't need Alex's validation to have a good time. She was confident and empowered, and the energy of the song only fueled that.

Elena danced the night away, not caring what anyone else thought. And as the party started to wind down, she even caught Alex watching her from across the room. With a smile, she strutted over to him, feeling like the main character in her own rom-com.

As the night ended, Elena realized that sometimes the best thing you can do is dance it out. And as she walked home, still humming the tune of "Bad Romance," she couldn't help but feel grateful for the power of music to lift her spirits and give her confidence.


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