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China Video Game Block

The video game industry in China is definitely a flourishing one. According to last year the industry grew by 30.9% in their market which got them $29.2 billion in annual revenues. China produces some of the most popular games known today such as Piano Tiles or Genshin Impact. While the industry has been providing great games for people to enjoy, the government has been setting restrictions on the players from September 1st. These restrictions include playing video games for only one hour on Fridays, weekends, and holidays, and are banned from playing at all during the school week.

This ban is due to the blame of games causing excessive nearsightedness and addiction in children. However, even with this ban, children are still able to use adult accounts in order to get past this restriction. The Chinese government is not able to completely rule out the factor, so as a result they are highly recommending parents prevent that kind of situation from happening.

This ban on video games has had a significant impact on pro-gamers as they are unable to do the necessary deeds to actually play professionally. Professional gamers need hours upon hours of practice in order to master a game and play it professionally, but with this ban, their entire time in practicing is significantly reduced. The entire future of e-sports for China has been ruined due to this restriction.

While it would be affecting professional gamers, many Chinese parents are content with this ban as they see it as the government helping their children. Parents have been forced to contend with the addiction of children on their own which can be difficult. Due to the strict ban that has been put on video games, many lives have been affected. In the end I still believe that this ban was not very beneficial. It completely put down an entire industry, and streamers who make money off of gaming will have their careers crushed.


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