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Celebrity Cheating Scandals

Recently, many iconic and well-loved celebrities have been under heat from the media for alleged cheating and infidelity on their spouses and partners.

The most recent, and perhaps most surprising scandal, involved the former member of the Try Guys, Ned Fulmer. Married to long-time spouse Ariel Fulmer, it was a shock to most people when he admitted to having a “consensual workplace relationship.” Most fans were horrified to hear this news as Ned has been married to Ariel for ten years and even had two sons with her. After the situation had come to light, Fulmer announced that he would be taking a step back from the Try Guys to focus on his family and issued an apology to fans online.

Another iconic celebrity, Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, was rumored to have cheated on his wife with multiple women. Husband to Behati Prinsloo and father to their two daughters, Levine was alleged to have had multiple inappropriate relationships with women. Revealed through one of the supposed women’s TikTok, Levine was shown to have sent flirtatious and inappropriate messages. Denying these allegations, Levine apologized for crossing the line with improper behavior and poor judgment but claims that he did not have an affair. After these rumors surfaced, Levine and his wife were seen in public picking up their children together, seemingly on good terms.

Currently, rapper Travis Scott is in hot water for allegedly cheating on his wife, Kylie Jenner. His rumored ex and model, Rojean Kar, claims that Scott has been cheating on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Not being the first time Scott has been accused of infidelity, Jenner and Scott seemed to have made amends from past conflicts. The couple seemed to be on good terms until a couple weeks ago when Kar posted a photo of Scott, and this led to Scott and Kar exchanging Instagram stories. Kar claims that she was with Scott on Valentine’s Day, but he denies all of these allegations. In retaliation, Kar posts screenshots that supposedly proved that Scott was at a party despite his claims. As of right now, Scott appears to not have responded to Kar’s latest Instagram post.

Overall, the recurring trend of cheating in people’s favorite celebrity couples shocked many devoted fans worldwide, changing their views of their favorite celebrities forever.


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