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"Batman" Movie Review

With captivating cinematography and impeccable world building, Gotham City and the story of Batman is brought to life in the latest movie “The Batman”.

The movie is set in the dark, crime infested streets of Gotham City. There, criminals and civilians alike live in fear of the infamous vigilante Batman, known as “Vengeance”. Batman is still in his early years of crime fighting, fueled by rage and vengeance rather than the desire to protect civilians. After facing the Riddler, Batman soon realizes he must fight for justice and not vengeance.

“The Batman” feels like a gritty crime movie, not a typical superhero movie. Filled with unpredictable twists, thrilling action scenes, and suspense, the movie will definitely leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

While the three-hour film runs at a slow, suspenseful pace, it allows for the audience to understand and develop a connection with the interesting, flawed characters. DC fans will marvel at many of the notable characters in the film. These characters and their many layers bring the story to life, revealing the many nuances and grey areas in Gotham. Two characters in particular, Catwoman and the Penguin, make quite the impression on screen and plans for spin-off shows starring the two are already being discussed.

It is also worth noting the interesting interpretation of Bruce Wayne. Reeves, the director and writer, stated that he wanted to take a more “Kurt Cobain” approach to the character. With that, Bruce Wayne was portrayed more recluse and uninterested in the fame of his family name, rather than the playboy he was depicted as in earlier interpretations. His overall character arc was very beautiful to see unfold and added some humanizing depth to the morally grey, frightening vigilante.

“The Batman” transforms the idea of a superhero and takes a darker, realistic approach to portraying the flawed Cape Crusader, a trademark of many DC stories.

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