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Annual Coastal Art and Poetry Competition

It's time for Glendora students to get creative. The annual K-12 Coastal Art and Poetry Competition has officially started, ongoing until midnight of January 31, 2021, and is open to all students of Glendora. This year’s theme is “California Coastal or Marine Life.”

All entries are welcomed, but they should be students’ one-hundred percent original work. Some basic guidelines for the contest are that all artwork must be no larger than 11 by 17. The winners will be contacted

directly and announced in March of 2021 on the website. A brief author's note should be included to give the judges background on your creation. This is not applicable to poems.

To find more information about joining this creativity fueled project, visit the Glendora High School website under the “Latest News” section. If you are interested in showing off your artwork, send any submissions to the Tartan Shield social media and get a chance to be featured on our page. The Tartan Shield Instagram account is @glendoratartanshield, and the Twitter is @tartanshield. Represent the Marine and coastal life in a positive light and make Glendora proud!


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