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A Victory For GHS Sports Teams As Athletics Are Reintroduced to Campus

According to a letter released by Glendora Unified, athletics will be returning to campus October 12th.

Prior to returning to campus, meetings will be conducted with athletics directors and student and parent athletes to make sure all guidelines are clear and must be followed by those seeking to begin practice. In addition to the Zoom meetings, all students and coaches must be tested for COVID-19.

According to Glendora High school athletics director, Jerry Lewallen, “All athletes must have a physical and be registered for their sport, prior to being allowed to return to practice.”

When entering campus, all students must be masked and bring their own water. Water filling stations will not be accessible. All students' temperatures will be taken everyday of practice. All new safety precautions must be followed in order to ensure the safety of students and any hope of a season.

Each sport will be given one hour of time per practice and each sport will be elected their own entry and exit zone, in order to ensure no overlapping between students of different sports.

Within each sport, groups of ten students per coach at one time will be allowed on campus in order to create contact tracing in the sad event that someone tests positive. This way only the students in the same group as the person who tested positive would need to be quarantined. Even within their groups, students still must maintain social distance of six feet at all times. When exercising, masks are not required, however; without masks students must maintain a distance of eight feet from each other.

On July 20th CIF set the sports calendar for the year and all fall sports have all been pushed back in season. Instead of three sport seasons that run from August to June, there will be only Fall and Spring, running from mid-December to late June.

The sports that will take place this fall season will be; cheer-leading, cross country, field hockey, football, volleyball, boys water polo, and girls water polo. Each of these fall sports will be returning to campus on October 12th, with the exception of cross country, which is not set to return until November fourth.

Depending on the LA county guidelines, Glendora will be able to decide whether or not students can compete in competitions.

In terms of games for now, athletics will be focusing on conditioning to help get students back in shape in hopes of a competitive season and acclimated to the new normal of practice, for the foreseeable future.


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