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A TommyInnit Super Fan's "Unbiased" Top Ten Minecraft Youtuber List

As an avid fan of Minecraft content, it’s safe to say that judging Minecraft content creators based on content was quite a challenge. With over 100 content creators for the game, this was definitely a struggle to attempt to pick and choose the top ten. I’ll be breaking down the top ten Minecraft Youtubers, while sprinkling in some smaller channels you should definitely support!

Fundy claims the tenth spot in this list. He is widely known for his coding video challenges in Minecraft and has dabbled a bit in the realm of vlogging. What makes Fundy so entertaining is his ability to network with other content creators for content and make his audience’s ideas come to life by coding them into Minecraft.

Taking the ninth spot is Karl Jacobs. Jacobs is well known for numerous aspects of content creation. He used to be a cameraman for Mr. Beast, making his way up to being on-screen for his videos. Eventually, Jacobs dove into making his own content, earning a spot on the Dream SMP. He makes Minecraft challenge videos and is also known for his cinematic Tales of the SMP streams. Jacobs puts a lot of effort into his content and he never fails to impress his audience with his amazing ideas.

Wilbur Soot falls nothing short of being a content creator, earning him the eighth spot. Known famously for his You Laugh You Lose videos and his 100 Player Minecraft videos, it’s not surprising that he’s become so successful over the past few years. He is also widely known for participating in the roleplay aspect of the Dream SMP, amassing almost five million views on Youtube for the finale of season one. Wilbur Soot’s widespread popularity and content has definitely earned him a spot on this list.

No one can have a list without adding GeorgeNotFound. Although he’s the seventh spot, anyone who’s friends with George knows that he truly is an amazing content creator. He uploads content to Youtube around once a month, mainly trying to beat the game with his friends. In fact, one of his more popular videos is Minecraft, but My Friend is An Axolotl… His content is truly entertaining and let’s imagine how much more content George would have if he didn’t sleep through the Dream SMP lore.

Not only can one forget GeorgeNotFound, but I’d be a terrible person for not adding one of the original kings of the game: DanTDM. Claiming number six, he’s been making Minecraft content for more than nine years- his hardcore series and his mod playthroughs never ceasing to bore his audience. Not to mention, Dan is also absolutely amazing at playing Minecraft, knowing it’s mechanics like the back of his hand.

Tubbo has buzzed onto number five in this list! There’s nothing Tubbo can’t do honestly. A versatile content creator- he’s done it all: music, vlogging, and gaming. Personally, Tubbo’s Let’s Play with Schlatt has to be something that is one of my favorites, sending his fanbase back in time to the first generation of Minecraft Let’s Play channels. If you’re looking for “wholesome,” Tubbo is the Minecraft Youtuber for you.

Techno believes Skyblock at its core is the ultimate challenge and I believe that Techno deserves to be part of the top five in this list. At number four, Technoblade uploads once every blue moon, but honestly, Techno’s content is rewatchable so there’s no need to wait for his newest upload. Technoblade puts a lot into his content, so it’s no surprise that he’s grown so popular ever since his first upload seven years ago. There’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t watch Technoblade- the most nonchalantly funny Minecraft YouTuber in this generation.

Ah, Ranboo, the third spot on this list. Though relatively new to YouTube, Ranboo manages to make almost every situation awkwardly funny- even if he accidentally makes fun of himself in the process. The edited subtitles in his videos also make every awkward moment heightened. How he manages to do that? I’m not sure. Regardless, Ranboo is a YouTuber who clearly knows what he’s doing, which makes him all the more fun to watch.

It would be an injustice not to add Dream on this list. Hailing at number two, his first ever Minecraft Manhunt video was posted in December of 2019, almost two years ago now. Since then, Dream has easily gained over 15 million subscribers- his manhunts being the most anticipated in the Minecraft fanbase. Dream is also popular for creating the most well known white-listed Minecraft server called the Dream SMP. It’d honestly be shocking if you didn’t know who Dream was… well, now you know.

TommyInnit is just too hilarious to not put as the number one spot in this list. Tommy is most famously known for his role on the Dream SMP- participating in loads of laughs and lore. Additionally, Tommy succeeds all standards, each of his uploads surpassing the next in skill level and in content. He’s wise beyond his age and he has boundless potential in the new content he’s made with his vlog channel and his dangerously funny mod videos.

If you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! These are the top ten Minecraft YouTubers from a fan who’s just doing her job. I couldn’t include everyone, but here are some notable nominees.

Notable Nominees: Aimsey, KaboodleOwO, Sneegsnag, Jack Manifold, Nihachu, and Billzo.

Photos: (1) From left to right: Tubbo, TommyInnit, and Ranboo (2) TommyInnit


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