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Reckless Community Incidents Lead to Removal of Symbolic Action Rock as Warning to Students

Over the course of the next three weeks, the future of Action is at a critical point.

Due to the early starting and continuous misdemeanors leading up to the night of Action, the Action rock has been removed. Principal Paul Lopez is hopeful that by removing the rock students will finally begin to calm down and realize that administration is now officially at a point of zero tolerance.

In order for Action to not be canceled, all activity that is detrimental to the school and the community must stop. This includes the egg throwing, reckless driving, and graffiti.

According to Lopez, last year there was an egg fight at McDonald's leading up to Action where close to 80 kids were involved. Due to irresponsible events like these, along with the many calls received from the community, the Glendora Police Department is frustrated with the event. GHS is already having to pay Glendora PD extra for the night of action so that they can protect the school and the restaurants in the community.

“In the past we have had students bring paintball guns to the event. What if the police see you with a gun? Who knows what will happen?” Lopez states.

Other than students carrying paintball guns, there have also been past events where students were arrested for the possession of knives. Luckily no one has been seriously injured during or leading up to Action, yet. Parents and community members have sent in emails expressing their concern for the safety of the students and wondering how long this event will be allowed to continue before someone gets killed.

Though the rock has become a symbol of school pride, students must restrain from any more acts of retaliation because ultimately that will lead to taking away Action as well.

The removal of the rock for the time being can serve as a reminder to students that if they truly want Action to take place, then from this point on action must stay a one night and one night only event.

Lopez expresses, “This event can’t continue to destroy our community and our campus.”

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