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Romancing Your Soulmate: For (Not-So) Dummies

If you have day dreams and fantasies of spending every second with your destined-to-be soulmate, who may or may not know of your existence, you've come to the right place. You may currently be asking yourself, “How would I, a seemingly hopeless romantic, even come close to acquiring the love of my special beloved, who may or may not know of my existence?”

You will no longer be subjected to wondering if senpai will ever notice you, as you let this article guide you into winning the love and affection of your soon to be partner.

First things first, you must have been enlightened by their beautiful essence somewhere and it’s likely you’ve seen them on your way to your classes. Start off by making somewhat awkward and practically uncomfortable eye contact with them for at least five seconds before turning away like a timid anime school girl.

This is sure to reserve you a spot in their mind as it’ll allow them to not only be aware of your presence but ponder on the thought of you as they go throughout their day.

Once you’ve achieved this, move on to figuring out their school schedule. Position yourself in the best possible places to be spotted by them. If they see you everywhere, they will be unable to rid you from their mind.

If you happen to already know the person quite well, start making food for them. Always offer your lunch. This lets them know that they can always count on you to be there for them if things go wrong, or if they forgot their lunch on the kitchen counter that morning. Once they’ve realized this, start to flirt with them.

Now, at this point, you may be asking yourself, “I’m a timid anime school girl, how could I ever start to flirt with my senpai?” Again, don’t worry, this article has all the advice you need.

Start by learning facts about birds. When conversing with your beloved, slip in a few, quirky bird facts to liven the mood and impress your future lover with your seemingly endless knowledge on birds.

After impressing them with your interesting bird facts, start to follow them. Now that they’ve heard how interesting your

conversations are, they’ll always be delighted to hear your voice, because they know that you’re going to bless them with your intelligence and excellent conversations.

If you happen to be on a phone number basis, make sure to text them every day. Always make sure you texted them first. In the unfortunate event that they don't respond immediately, send them a meme. This lets them know that you have an amazing sense of humor, along with all the other fabulous qualities you’ve shown to them.

When they finally respond, try your best to keep that text conversation going for as long as possible. This means staying up to painfully late hours, so be prepared.

When you run out of things to text or talk to them about, start talking about things they’re interested in. Doing this helps them realize that you find them interesting and that you’re not a “fake” friend.

At this point, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re harboring a desire for your attention, love, and bird facts. They’ll have fallen in love with how reliable, intelligent, and considerate you are.

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