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Tarot Reading Clears the Uncertainties of the Future

Prior to the reading, I anticipated a dark, ominous atmosphere with green mist emanating from who knows where, surrounded by smiling voodoo dolls with button eyes. Very “Friends on the Other Side” -esque imagery.

I pictured a scraggly old lady reaching out to me with her wrinkly hands and sharp, ragged nails tapping into my life force and telling me the story of my own life, then predicting everything that fate had in store for me.

Imagine my expectations being flipped upside down when I sat down in the Glendora High School photography classroom at 7 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, across from junior Sarah Rodriguez, who is definitely not a scraggly old lady.

While the external environment was nothing like I was expecting, I was still intrigued with the idea of getting my tarot cards read, especially since it as a process very much subjected to chance.

I drew ten cards from Rodriguez’s deck, and she kept track of them.

I was told to keep a question in my mind throughout the reading in regards to any questions I had about my current state or future. It gets a bit personal from here, so reader beware!

The first six cards represented my present situation, my immediate future, the distant past, among other aspects. In my own judgement, five of the six cards did well represent my own perception of those parts, except for the card that represented my distant past.

Apparently my distant past was characterized by “inverted thinking,” but the only significant inversion I experienced in the distant past was my immigration to the United States. And even then, it was mostly just my lifestyle that was inverted, not my thinking.

The final four cards had to do with the question I harbored in my mind. For those wondering, I mostly wanted to know about where I would end up in the future, in both my career and my emotional state. I wanted to know whether I would be happy in both realms.

This question partly has to do with my current state in senior year, where I feel like my actions take no definitive direction; I have no idea what I’m doing, like, ever. Additionally, the question of my emotional health stems from turmoil I’ve been carrying around in my personal life in a “no light at the end of the tunnel” manner.

Two of the cards struck my interest big-time.

The eighth card represented the external factors in regards to my question. I drew a 3 of Swords, affiliated with “heartbreak, separation, stormy relationship, longing for an absent love.”

Scary, but sadly true.

The tenth and final card represented the “eventual outcome” for me. I drew a King of Wards, affiliated with “a father, loving parental qualities, a married man.”

It sounds as though my current tumult will culminate in a happy familial relationship, which is what I think my future needs.

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