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Seniors, Stop Complaining About College Apps

It is a bright Saturday morning, the perfect day to start my college app. It's noteworthy that I actually got myself out of my bed and logged on to my laptop. I mean seriously, I am a senior: does school expect me to work on my college app so early in the school year. The truth is, I am tired and don’t feel like doing anything. Actually, I’m only starting my college apps right now because I really don’t want to work on my homework.

Life is complicated. I thought I was an overachiever by starting my college app and FAFSA a full week before the UC deadlines. But according to Naviance, apparently there are some things that are already due, like my resume and brag sheet-- wait, that was due last month?

Speaking of brag sheets and counselors, I don’t think I even need to do one because my counselor knows me so well. I appreciate my counselor, who is always there in her office because she’s always ready to talk to me and has an unlimited amount of time to help me with my problems and would schedule an appointment with me as soon as I ask for one. Wait, where was I? Hold up, time to focus on my work. I definitely wasn’t getting distracted by going on social media and watching Tik Toks.

Due to inactivity, you have been logged out. (Oh GREAT!)

I’ve finished my FAFSA, which only took me like ten minutes, because there wasn’t a ton of numbers and private information about my family. Now, it's time for me to start on those lovely essays that surely aren't plain because of my lack of a horrible childhood to write about.

As a student who makes use of their resources, I took a lengthy 10-minute drive to downtown Glendora and have the people at Tartan University help me with my college apps every Wednesday. The only problem with writing these personal essays is that I have way too many good qualities to write about. I have to talk about how I am shy, outgoing, humorous and serious. I even described my talent of procrastination and how I use my leadership skills to convince others to ditch school, sprinkled with my ability to make a three-course meal with two dishes. I should also talk about how I know exactly what I am going to study in the future and how I want to be a biochemist and my plans for the next 10 years of my life.

Oh! I forgot that I have to ask my teacher for a teacher letter of recommendation. It is due the next day. I’m just too busy with all the drama in my life. I’m sure it can’t be too hard to find a teacher who’s not already doing 30 letters and who actually has a good impression of me. I think I’ll ask Mr. Hart.

Before submitting my college app, I check to see my likeliness of getting into each university with the SAT and GPA that I have.

UCs: 0.1 %

CalStates: 0.2%

Harvard: Hi, are you applying to work at the McDonalds at our campus?

At the end of the day, I think I’ll just go to Citrus College.

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