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Your Fate Is Written In The Stars

Aries: March 21st to April 19th

You’ve had ups and downs this month, Aries, but don’t focus on yourself so much. The productive air of the season means that this is the peak opportunity for you to focus on your relationships with friends and family; be the one to reach out and either fix or strengthen these bonds.

Taurus: April 20th to May 20th

You’re a mess, Taurus. Don’t try to hide it, we all know; making a to-do list and keeping yourself on a concise homework and chore schedule will really help you to get on top of things this month. Also, drink a glass of water for the love of-

Gemini: May 21st to June 21st

Put down that book you nerd; love is in the air! Whether that means a partner for life, a partner-in-crime, or a new kitten, you need to put yourself out there and keep your heart open for new people. The foreseeable future could change your life!

Cancer: June 22nd to July 22nd

Cancer, whether it’s intentional or not, you’re always making people smile! For this, someone will reward you with a surprise this month. Avoid drinking coffee for the foreseeable future.

Leo: July 23rd to August 22nd

Before you go complaining to your friends about the newest drama, Leo, consider hearing all points of view and not just mindlessly spouting out tea like a drunken parrot. This season will be crucial for the development of your listening skills. Speak up during class discussions more!

Virgo: August 23rd to September 22nd

Virgo season has come to an end, and while you may have gotten many things done while it lasted, now is the time to unwind. You’ve got a lot on your plate, Virgo. Don’t say yes to things out of obligation or wanting to be nice. Treat yourself to some free time. Lord knows you need it.

Libra: September 23rd to October 23rd

The sun has moved out of Virgo and into Libra, meaning that this is your time to shine! It’s very apparent how stressed you’ve been, but if you seize this opportunity to start getting the proper amount of sleep, the upcoming future could prove to be very balanced. Take that nap!

Scorpio: October 24th to November 21st

Prepare for the upcoming future, Scorpio, because you’re about to go through a roller coaster of emotions. Mercury’s retrograde period will leave you feeling unproductive and unambitious which may lead you to an existential crisis, but do not fret! You may like to be in control, but allowing others to help you out will help you get through these hard times and will be a good exercise of trust for you.

Sagittarius: November 22nd to December 21st

Even if you’ve felt tired or overworked, you’ve still kept up work as normal in a way that no one understands. You may laugh triumphant now, but remember: burning the candle at both ends leads to a messy floor.

Capricorn: December 22nd to January 19th

Capricorn, you deserve better than this. You’re a self-respecting person and do not need this hassle that you’re being put through! Don’t let that loser crash into you in the halls. Crash into him first! Take charge of your life!

Aquarius: January 20th to February 18th

You have got to switch things up. For too long you’ve been sticking to the background. Well no more. Now is the perfect time to take the spotlight! Why not try to go out more this upcoming month? Go to that party you were unsure of, or check out that one club! It’ll go better than you think.

Pisces: February 19th to March 20th

Pisces, this month you must prioritize your mental health. You may have felt sad or anxious this past month and it’s not good to just grit your teeth and force yourself to make it through the week. Spend time with friends and focus on what makes you happy; channel these good vibes to bring balance back to your life.

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