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Lack of Communication Fractures GHS Student Body

Among the nation’s top 1% of public high schools, Glendora High certainly is a distinguished center of learning.

However, what makes GHS so unique is the wide variation in interests and personalities that stems from the students who attend.

Glendora High’s ASB is tasked with creating events to entertain the student population. Of course, not every single student is going to to be interested with the activity that is being held, but they certainly try.

It is common knowledge that there are disgruntled opinions in the crowd. However, despite their distaste with school happenings, they fail to take an active role in trying to solve the faults they see.

Assemblies, for example, oftentimes receive both positive and negative critiques. What numerous students fail to realize is that a great deal of effort is gone into these events.

Junior Representative Alisha Anne Concepcion states, “It takes a lot of time and it can become very stressful. Normally, ASB divides its students into different groups in charge of things such as decorating and publicizing. If someone is not helping their own group, they’re assisting another group.”

Let’s keep in mind that 40 students have to cater to approximately 2,500 students.

The apathy that is being demonstrated by students needs to change because this attitude is being applied to all aspects of life at GHS.

There are students who do not show up to events or constantly voice negativity against the school and fail to do anything about it.

If individuals are unhappy with the way an aspect of school is operating, they need to learn to communicate. After all, the odds of someone sharing a similar opinion is highly likely.

The experiences that are created in high school are memorable for a reason. There is the good, the bad, the spontaneous, and the exhausting. What drives these special memories originate from the students, themselves.

Whether speaking to a faculty member or ASB, students need to understand that feedback is critical towards the betterment of GHS. If people fail to shed light on an issue that needs to be addressed, the only outcome is the further growth of the problem. It affects everyone.

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