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New Disneyland Ticket Prices are Creating the Unhappiest Wallets on Earth

The happiest place on Earth is slowly transferring the minds of families to view it as the most expensive place on Earth.

The very anticipated Star Wars land, which has been under construction for over two years now, has Disney scheming to have price increases of up to 25% for daily tickets, annual passes and parking.

Disney’s main goal behind this drastic price in

crease is derived from crowd control. Despite this, the price hikes in the last few years have been unsuccessful in diminishing the myriad of people coming to Disneyland and its neighboring California Adventure Park.

Even though the possibility of the crowds shrinking by a great amount is slim, Disney deems the length of lines to be a crucial aspect, as a trip to a Disney park can be a dream come true or a nightmare depending on how much time you spend stuck in a line.

The dreams of numerous children to meet their favorite Disney character and experience a day full of magic, comes with a price, especially for low income families. The prices for children ages 3-9 have gone up from $91 to $98. Overall if a child’s dream is to go to Disneyland, Cinderella's phrase, “A dream is a wish your heart makes” may be slightly untrue, as a dream of going to Disneyland is more about how much the child’s parents make, not their heart.

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