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Mr. Winslow Spills the Tea on Teens

The first-ever teacher on Spill the Tea, Ben(jamin) Winslow, will be answering questions revolving around his two cents on how teenagers are growing up today compared to when he was raised.

Mr. Winslow, an AP and CP U.S. History teacher, has lived in both urban and rural environments America has to offer. From the Big City - Seattle - to a small little [insert town here]. Both added a wide variety of experiences that could bring our modern day alternatives to shame.

Already Mr. Winslow mentions that the music was much better when he was a teen compared to today. “Hip-hop told stories instead of self-gratification of who has the most money, or the most babes,” brings up Winslow which makes music a mere hollow comparison to the frontier of punk rock bands like Nirvana that he grew up with.

However, Winslow holds that the current time is the golden age of TV shows, claiming that “good TV writing was frowned upon.” Good stories were to be left for the movies.

He also said because of services like Netflix the lack of commercial breaks is positive additional to media that improves the pacing of TV overall; removing the necessary to plan for the upcoming break.

Similar to experiences like Netflix which is something most kids are accustomed to as a norm, what Winslow claims our generation will never get to experience is going to a CD store to demo music.

While most of us will be looking through Spotify by ourselves, Winslow, with his friends, would go a CD store and explore each genre for new music. Not as quick as being at the tip of our fingers, but so much cooler.

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