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Top Local Boba

SoCal’s unique fusion of different cultures has brought several worldly delicacies to local areas. A favorite that has been on the rise for the past couple years is the famous Taiwanese boba tea. Boba shops can been found in nearly every crevice of SoCal cities and often make the perfect late-night hangout spots with their lively atmospheres.

Here are some of the best local boba shops to check out:

  1. Half & Half Tea Express- With locations in Arcadia, Pasadena, and Rowland Heights, Half & Half is easily one of the most satisfying boba chains that can be found. Their Milk Drinks and sweet, honey boba has elevated the boba game.

  2. Tpumps- Found in both Upland and Pasadena, Tpumps is adored by many for their easily customizable boba drinks. Customers can choose up to three flavors to mix to make a drink to perfectly fit their preference.

  3. Café Bungalow by Bon Appetea- Café Bungalow is the epitome of boba spots. Their vast drink menu and delectable snacks make for the perfect hangout for a group of friends.

  4. Honeyboba- Another tea lounge that can be found in Arcadia; Honeyboba is known for, you guessed it, their yummy honey boba. Their large menu is sure to delight anyone.

Tea Bar- Located in Azusa, Tea Bar is boba chain that features boba drinks and fresh-squeezed juices. Customers love their unique crystal boba, which is known to be chewier than normal boba in texture.

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