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D.I.Y. How to Make a Valentines Day Card


Red, white, blue, and pink cardstock Black felt-tip pen Scissors Pencil Glue stick


1. Cut out two pink and two red hearts, identical in size. Fold them in half. 2. Cut out two identical, white clouds. 3. Cut the blue cardstock into the desired size of the card and fold in half. This will be the base of the card. 4. On the blue cardstock, paste the white clouds. 5. Paste the hearts together by gluing one side of each folded heart onto the paper. The hearts should overlap the clouds, and the centers of each heart should touch. This creates the three-dimensional element of the card. 6. In pencil, draw the baskets that attach to the heart air balloons. 7. Trace over the pencil markings with the felt-tip pen, and add any extra detail desired.

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